Un bonic timelapse del volcà ditxós

Més vídeos i fotografies a la web de Sean Stiegemeier


Precioses frustracions

Quina barreja de sensacions tant extranya quan et trobes que hi ha qui treballa en les mateixes idees que tu. Que bonic i alhora sever descobrir que ho fa d’una manera meravellosa, molt millor del que tu ho fas. De fet, ho fa com a tu t’agradaria i no pots. Quina sensació més extranya el saber que no es tracta d’un gran mestre de fotografia sinó d’una noia de 27 anys.

La fotografia té aquestes coses.

L’autora d’aquestes imatges és la Friedrike Brandenburg

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Algunes idees per a l’autopromoció

Marketing & Self-Promotion – Part One

How should I market my work? How do I promote myself? Where should I advertise? How do I build client relationships?

Age-old questions. Classics. Questions that every photographer has asked at one point in their career. Questions also that never seem to have a definitive answer. Why? The answer is a matter of opinion; everyone’s different. Plus, a constant stream of new software and tech toys keep broadening the self-promotional tools that are out there.

With this in mind I thought it would be interesting to take the pulse of the industry right now. Hear what people who matter have to say about what works and what doesn’t. So, I reached out to a handful of art buyers and art producers and spoke with them at length about their views on marketing and self-promotion. Their answers were completely candid and oftentimes surprising. I think everyone from seasoned pros to those just starting out will learn a great deal from these interviews.

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