Media Storm: La tempesta que s’acosta

Per acabar l’any i pensant en els canvis que ens depararà el 2010 una entrevista de  de Zack Seckler a Brian Storm, creador de MediaStorm.

Clar que la fotografia no desapareixerà com a disciplina però molts fotògrafs hauran de moure’s amb comoditat entre la fotografia, el vídeo i l’edició per poder proporcionar continguts multimedia. Aquells que ho acceptin s’hi han de posar el més aviat millor, aquells que no ho entenguin veuran perillar la seva supervivència

Multimedia Opportunities

I first met Brian Storm in 2003 when he was vice president of News, Multimedia & Assignment Services for Corbis. Storm left Corbis and launched MediaStorm in 2005, a multimedia production studio that produces high-quality content from a combination of audio and still photography (and sometimes video). The company’s received a slew of recognition and awards, including two Emmys, and has quickly become one of the top companies creating multimedia content based primarily around still photography. I asked Storm a few questions about multimedia and what opportunities it can offer still photographers.

As audiences continue to move from print to online publications how will multimedia evolve over the next few years?

I think the single most exciting thing that’s happening is that the very best visual journalists are now making the transition to cinematic storytelling. For many years there was a debate about whether a multimedia approach mattered and that is now very clearly the case. I think we are still in a learning mode as a profession. If you think about newspapers and how they matured over 150 years and that multimedia is really very young then I think we are in for some exceptional growth in terms of sophistication in the final pieces.

Of course, there’s a strong need for training during this transition. We offer a workshop as well as a list of other great training opportunities.

What opportunities does multimedia offer for working photographers?

The opportunity to give your subject a voice instead of just taking their picture. To have authorship of the story. To reach a larger audience in a variety of platforms and to generate revenue on top of your existing clients and outlets.

Multimedia storytelling is a powerful tool. It is also time consuming and more expensive to produce then a print piece. Does compensation for multimedia pieces fairly match the effort and expense involved in producing the projects?

No question it’s far more complex to report and produce in this format. We are finding fees match our efforts and our business is growing. I think the expectation that photographers doing their first multimedia piece will be compensated exponentially for that work is flawed. The profession has to grow the skills and the market will be there when those skills are developed.

Photojournalists have been getting more involved in multimedia over the past few years, have you noticed that trend among commercial and/or fine art photographers as well?

Yes, there’s a strong interest from both the commercial and fine art communities. We’ve done some very interesting projects this year with George Lange and Doug Menuez that were outside the journalism sphere and we are currently in production on a stunning piece with Lisa Robinson called Snowbound that will premiere at the Houston Foto Festival in March.

What advice do you have for photographers who want to get into multimedia?

Don’t wait. Add the new skills to your reporting process now. Get some training. Diversify your skills and your perspective on storytelling and your business opportunities will expand.

Bon Any! i Bones Fotos!

Un pensament sobre “Media Storm: La tempesta que s’acosta

  1. Totalmemnt dacord. Precissament ahir a la nit, ho parlava amb al juaristi tot mirant mediastorm, es eol futur, nosaltres parlavem de incorporar-lo a les bodas, pero es evident que es el futur de tot fotograf. Una abraçada i bon any¡¡

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